Stakelogic Adds the Super Stake Feature to Selected American Blackjack Tables

Stakelogic Adds the Super Stake Feature to Selected American Blackjack Tables

While many of you know Stakelogic as a slot provider, the studio has plenty of live dealer tables as well. It has released more than decent variants of live blackjack, each one with high-quality gameplay and features. Now the studio has added a new one – a Super Stake feature which players can enable for a price. It pays fantastic multipliers on a hand-by-hand basis, making it a rewarding feature to try.

It’s not a new feature, but it’s now being added to new tables. We first spotted it in Super Stake Blackjack, one of the studio’s headliner live casino blackjack tables. It allowed players to play with boosted multiplier payouts up to 500x the bet. Until now, it was only possible on this table, but now you can enjoy it on all of the studio’s American live blackjack games.

Multiplier Payouts at a Cost

The original feature introduced Super Stake as an optional bet which costs 50% more. While it’s not cheap, it funds the multipliers in the game that can go as high as 500x. This was only possible on the Super Stake Blackjack variant, but it’s now available on all American Blackjack tables.

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You’re not obliged to pay for it or play this optional bet. But, it was a big hit on Super Stake Blackjack, prompting the studio to add it to other tables as well. As the studio’s Head of Live Casino Dejan Loncar said, “it’s been a huge success”, so it was only natural for Stakelogic to extend this functionality to other tables.

Most players will treat this feature as a side bet. That’s great as strategy, as playing it all the time will be costly. Adding it to all tables gives it more exposure. Players can now pick to play it on any American Blackjack game, without missing out on it. Many have said that they miss the side bet on Stakelogic’s other live blackjack tables, so this is good news for them.

Plenty of Variants to Choose From

Stakelogic’s live casino games have many fans. The American Blackjack lobby is of particular interest as it slightly alters the rules to replicate a Vegas table experience. According to the game rules, the dealer must always stand on 17, and you’re allowed to double down and split. It also introduces several great side bets including Golden Pairs, Golden 3, and Buzz-T, adding another layer of excitement.

The natural pays 3:2 live in the best live blackjack games, so the fact it’s an American variant doesn’t change anything in regards to the gameplay. With the Super Stake available on all American Blackjack games in Stakelogic’s portfolio, the studio will surely gain more fans than ever.

Author: Jacob Campbell