New Game Alert: Evolution Is About to Launch Instant Super Sic Bo!

New Game Alert: Evolution Is About to Launch Instant Super Sic Bo!

A new game is coming from Evolution, hot on the heels of Funky Time! The new title, called Instant Super Sic Bo signals quick gameplay and the innovation we needed, so let’s check it out!

The game is, no matter what you expected, not just a simple updated version of the original; no, it is so much more! At first glance, it may seem familiar, but as you load it, you enter a whole new world of entertainment. Stay with us as we explore all the details we know so far!

Instant Super Sic Bo Arriving from Evolution

Evolution is a well-proven leader in the Live Dealers vertical, without a doubt, known for including innovative and unique elements in each new release, making new games better than the previous titles over and over again. Once again, the developer is set out to do the same, this time with an instant-play version of the player-favorite Sic Bo.

No, the new game is not just an updated version of Evolution’s Sic Bo. As you’ll soon see, the unprecedented innovation the game offers is nothing you’ve expected and should have an instant impact on the vertical as we knew it.

Presumably arriving across Evolution-powered online casinos on the 11th of November, Instant Super Sic Bo is unlike anything you’ve seen in Live Dealers games before. Thanks to the new functionality, the game gives you the chance to place a bet on the game at any point and expect nearly instant game results! There’s no pre-assigned betting period; you can place a bet whenever it suits you, as betting never closes! Evolution used genius mechanics where the dice are in a loop, rolling over and over again, with no downtime or betting periods between rounds.

What’s more, the bet you place once is active in the next round, too, so with all those bets settled and the speed with which the dice roll, with instant game results, you could be winning left and right playing this amazing game!

The perks of playing it are more than obvious: there’s no waiting time, no waiting in the corner to get your turn, instant results, and the ability to place bets any time you want! So, as soon as it goes live, make sure you are among the first to give Instant Super Sic Bo a try, and you’ll see how impressed you will be with all that it has to offer!

How the Developer Announced the New Game?

Since it will take over a month until the new game launches, Evolution still hasn’t made an official statement on its release. However, there is an announcement on its Client Area page, issued to all of its operator partners, offering the factsheets, thumbnails, and logos related to the game, plus a short description.

As Evolution described it, the game provides a new way to enjoy the engaging version of the ancient Chinese dice game. The developer invited players to place their bets during the unlimited betting time and press the Roll Now button to play whenever they’re ready and to achieve near-instant results of the three-dice shake.

Author: Jacob Campbell